Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl + Download

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl

Developer : Game Freak
Publisher : Nintendo, The Pokemon Company
Platform : Nintendo DS
Release Date : April 22, 2007 (NA)
Genre : Role-playing video game
Mode : Single-Player, Multi-Player, Online Multi-Player
Rating : E (ERSB)
Diamond and Pearl begin in the protagonist's hometown. After viewing a television report about a media-conducted search for a Red Gyarados spotted at a far-away lake (Johto's Lake of Rage), the protagonist and his/her best friend travel together to check the local lake for a Pokemon like it. They spot Professor Rowan, a Pokemon evolution researcher, and his assistant, the playable character not selected in the game: Lucas (boy) or Dawn (girl). After a short discussion the professor and his assistant leave the lake, leaving a briefcase behind. When they are attacked by wild Starly, the protagonist and his/her rival examine the case. The player is then given a choice among the three Pokemon found in the briefcase (Piplup, Chimchar,or Turtwig) with which to battle the Starly. After defeating the Starly, Lucas or Dawn retrieves and returns the briefcase to the professor. Noticing that a bond has been forged between the young protagonist and his/her chosen Pokemon, Rowan offers it to him/her, asking that he/she embark on a journey and fill his/her Pokedex.

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